Wednesday, November 26, 2003

As I was saying...

Very glad about the reported upswing in the economy, even though I know full well that if it continues, the chances of having a Democrat in the White House starting 2005 are somewhere between 0% and 0.00000% (rounded). It may be good for me, though -- I spoke with an inside source in the archaeology field last Friday, who confirmed my hopes that the archaeology market is currently as depressed as a lot of other markets ("hopes" in the sense that I was beginning to think it was just me). I had begun to contemplate other avenues to a career that allowed me to actually make payments on the student loans that led to the degree, but now I've semi-renewed hope for the digging life.

So I'm re-doubling my job search (again), and in the meantime, I'm taking suggestions for new career paths. Medicine? (I've already got one thumbs down from Heather on this one. Counterpoint?) Law? (I can just imagine what Dan "In Ten Years We'll Have One Million Lawyers" LK would say about this idea.) Computer Tech? (They are such fun, aren't they?) Only serious and non-serious replies will be considered.

And I'm sorry to hear of the passing of Caren's aunt -- I haven't met Caren yet, but I do know how it is to lose a relative.

One last thing -- I never realized how cool Terry Gross from NPR's Fresh Air was. Not only does she work over Bill O'Reilly on air, but gets him to lose his cool and make himself look worse than she was making him look. And she has obscure guests who wax eloquent (if obvious) about the Smiths! And last Friday? Stephen King! The geeky girls are the coolest!

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