Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Well, I did say tomorrow-ish...

Anyway, although it severely wounds me to say it, there's no way in the sight of God or whoever's watching that I'll be able to make opening night -- believe me, I threw together enough scenarios and schemes that I probably could've beaten Rommel in North Africa in half an hour, but the stars were out of alignment for this one. I hope to have them realigned along with my Geo this week. I'm really going to miss seeing/meeting everyone there, but I when I do come up, I hope to actually make a business trip out of the time as well, set up a couple of interviews, and maybe mock up something long-term. And see the play. Anyway, pick up a bottle of apple Pucker for me, put a poofy blond wig on it, and I'll be there in spirit (rimshot).

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Watch this space for an announcement (tomorrow-ish), re. whether or not I'll be making it to opening weekend. Damn, boy, I thought closing weekend would be the big she-bang! Or is shebang one word? Schibang? Xi Bang? Anyway, more soon one way or another.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Finished Al Franken's new book at Borders last night over a paper cup full of spiced apple cider -- both very good. Good god, do we need an entertaining antidote to the staggering number of right-wing scumbags with their own shows (TV, radio, or otherwise) -- Franken would be a welcome first. I think the problem is that liberals just haven't been all that funny. Wait for what passes for humor on NPR (which I don't really consider all that liberal, just more objective than anything else on the radio) -- Michael Feldman? Lame, self-conscious witticisms from the mincing guest novelists they trot out? Those goddamn CAR GUYS?!

And forget about an Al Gore Show -- I love that guy, but the only time he amuses me is when he's making fun of himself, and I don't think he can carry a whole show doing that. Who knows -- he was killing me on SNL! McCain was funnier, though, dammit. "The poodle is the black man of the dog world!" (Not his line, but his show.)

Until then, we always have the Daily Show. That'll have to do until James Carville gets his own gig...

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Not a whole hell of a lot going on at the moment, except that I narrowly survived an attempt on my life over the weekend by a bottle of green apple Pucker. And oooooo, Tucson to BWI for $213. That's not bad.

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Fuck it, I'm in. I've been meaning to sleep less anyway. Thanks to Dan for the heads up. If a hardcore writing schedule's going to turn me into an alcoholic drug fiend like Stephen King used to be, now's probably a good time to find out anyway.