Tuesday, March 30, 2004

A couple of things that amused the hell out of me, before I consign myself to my work day.

First, a bunch of Smiths fans got together to protest the Iraq War, using modified lyrics for their protest signs, such as, "This war is a MISERABLE LIE!" and "Hang the Newsmen" (I assume they're referring to Fox News?), and "If it's not love, then it's the bomb[...etc.]". One of those post-geek moments when you're sort of stuck between admiration and embarrassment, like if a bunch of D&D enthusiasts (a group I can't really count myself out of) marched behind the Smiths guys in plate mail and robes carrying signs like, "Bush is CHAOTIC EVIL!" or "My brother lost all his HIT POINTS in Iraq!" I have to say I'm impressed by their gumption, although I'm not sure they're preaching to anyone other than the faithful.

The other thing is something my brother clued me onto after trying to make me think Arnold Schwarteneggar was trying to get ahold of me. The Arnie thing didn't work too well, but this is hysterical, although you have to see Slingblade first.

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