Monday, April 05, 2004

The hooks are in the water -- I've applied for exactly umpteen short-term excavation assignments all over the U.S., including the aforementioned Moose Pass, AK job, as well as stints in Utah, California, and West freakin' Virginia. Tomorrow, a line will go out to a cherry job in Alexandria, VA for a dig in a slave cemetery (the advert assures the reader that no actual bodies will be disturbed. What the hell kinds of archaeologists are these panzies? Disturbing dead bodies is the best part!). Still waiting for feedback, so wish me luck!

And one more shot of everyone's favorite Dan -- maybe the abundant images of him with a straight leg will remind it to heal faster. This comes from my dad's wedding in Marietta, OH, on the deck of a sternwheeler, ca. 1991. I believe we're in the middle of a portion of Romeo & Juliet, Dan competently and me less so. And look: real beard!

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