Wednesday, July 21, 2004

OK, so we got on the topic of baseball.  While I shan't dwell too long, this is completely hysterical.  And not to kick the Cubs when they're down (10 games, 2.5 behind the Wild Card), while they're still mathematically a threat to the Redbirds, they're still fair game.

Note that I do not participate in the venerable Cardinal tradition of hating the Cubs -- when they made the NLCS last year, I was rooting for them along with everyone else who was hoping against hope for a Cubs - Red Sox Series.  And it took both the 2003 NLCS and ALCS to finally realize that, yes, of course, obviously, there really must be an immutable curse on both teams, delivered back near the turn of last century when goat farmers and poverty-stricken big-leaguers were competent in such black magic.  Ninety-six years without a World Series victory.  Man, that just can't be statistically possible, can it?  You really must have an honest-to-Whatever deity or some troll under a bridge who really really hates you.  Maybe that'll be Peter Jackson's next flick: an intrepid band of Cubs and Red Sox fans join forces to find and destroy the immortal wraith responsible for the curse, who skulks about the underworld with his scrying pool tuned to ESPN 24/7.

In other news, I saw Sophia Sunseri for the second time in Santa Monica last night -- absolutely fantastic.  Does the best "Summertime" since Ella & Louis.   And I got more hugs!  Musicians rock.

And much has been made about the Bush twins campaigning for their father in the upcoming elections.

And I am really, really worried about that.


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