Sunday, September 11, 2005

Sing My Life

In the same vein as Stacy's type-your-name-into-Google idea (which gave me a bit of a shock initially -- the first thing my eyes landed on when I saw that post for the first time was, "Stacy is pregnant!" Then I saw, "Stacy is a schizophrenic film," and thought maybe she was going all Dada on her posts. And then I got it.), I tried typing my name into Rhapsody's song browser to see what songsmiths over the ages have been writing about me.

1. "Andy" -- Indigo Girls. How sweet. They must have seen me in the audience during that show in Columbus in '92.
2. "Andy" -- Frank Zappa
3. "Andy Gets Fired" -- R.E.M. Guess Stipe got mad I never came to see them. I feel bad about that too, Michael. Everyone needs to vent, I understand.
4. "Andy, Who Are You?" -- The Way It Is. Afriad I'll have to return the question.
5. "Andy in the City" -- Kaley Willow
6. "Andy Always Dreamed of Wrestling" -- The Bobs
7. "Andy You'll Be Alone in Heaven" -- Carrigan. How creepily nice of them to say.
8. "Remembering Andy" -- Clare Cooper
9. "Desperate Andy" -- the Cranberries. Hell hath no fury like Dolores O'Riorden.
10. "Call Me Andy" -- Marc Shaiman. Please, do.
11. "The Summer of Andy" -- The Cancer Conspiracy. Eek. A song about '98...

And then we have "Me and Little Andy," "Jim and Andy," "Fred and Andy," "Elvis and Andy," like I'm always somebody's fucking sidekick. Anyway, there were 116 hits -- talk about a really freakin' narcissistic mix cd...

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