Thursday, December 08, 2005

Son of Sam Adams

Just bottled my pale ale last night, and now I'm trying to think of a clever-clever name for my most recent brew. My favorites so far include the entry title (perhaps a mock-up of the Sam Adams label with Berkowitz's head pasted onto Sam's shoulders) and "(Oh, am I) Still Ale," complete with a wistful (or inebriated, if I can find one) shot of Moz in the background.


Jagged Little Pale Ale
18th Ale Descendant
What the Ale?
Wallace Beery
al-Aqsa Brewers Brigade Presents "Ale Qaida"
Hopped-up Chinaman
Ale Gore
Call Me Morbid, Call Me Pale Ale (yes, yet another Smiths allusion)
None the Weiser

That's all I got for now. Ideas very, very welcome.

Meanwhile, Janine's finally got her own blog! Do go read!

Oh yes, and read this, too.

Update: My first label! Very, very clever if you're a hardcore Smiths fan.
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