Monday, April 21, 2008

Assorted Shit

First, now that the temperature is prime, I'll be starting on my cardboard-aged Irish stout kit tomorrow evening. I'm sure somewhere in this god-forsaken house I can find a forgotten corner that's a perfect, constant 65 -75 degrees and is free of mummified mice. I'm taking a couple of Youtube refreshers from this guy.

Second, kudos to Heather for knocking my degrees of separation to the Law and Order people down to a mere couple! I've never seen this show, and think the most interesting thing about it is the name "Mariska," but seeing as I got kinda jazzed when Step Up 2: the Streets was being filmed in Fells Points, I know how it feels.

Third, screw this house. I feel like I'm exhausted halfway up a cliff face with no ropes and just want to go home. I spent a good part of this weekend sanding and mudding (and repeating) the walls, trying to get all the little bumps and ridges out of them before priming, but it's just not turning out right. Meanwhile, I'm weary of the clutter and dust and the ever-present Drywall-Knife-of-Damocles swinging overhead. Gimmee back my one bedroom apartment!

Fourth, Cardinals don't suck as promised. That's something, I guess.

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