Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Mocked up an application for a position in Albuquerque today, which will go in the mail tomorrow, and I'm still waiting to hear about some of the other positions I've already applied for. All I can say about Albuquerque off the top of my head (having spent a summer there) is they have some remarkable barbeque. I mean some F***IN' GREAT barbeque (oh, the memory haunts and torments me. One of those gastronomical moments where you let out little sqeaks of joy as you eat) -- that's an incentive by itself. We are trying to get back a little further east, but... man, I may never find barbeque like this again, and I hate to find myself in the position of gazing longingly at the western horizon from Virginia or something and thinking, "oh, what meat was that! I shall never again taste its like!" But then I'd think, "they ship!"

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