Thursday, August 07, 2003

Ooooo, just found a job posting for a cool position in Alaska. Just got my first "no, thanks" letter back from a potential employer, the first, I'm sure, of many before I find something more than temporary digging around town. One idea has crossed my mind recently: stick all of our accumulated furniture and assorted crap in storage for a while and set off, shovel in hand, across America, wandering from dig to advertised dig as I gain valuable experience and archaeological insight into the cultures of the past. I'll grow grizzled in the withering sun, my skin leathery and callused. I'll start appreciating Lynard Skynard (or however the hell you spell it) and regale my digging fellows with tales of my outdoor exploits -- getting shot at by ornery ranchers on whose land I'm trespassing, and wrestling mule deer. Or whatever.

I think I'll send off a few more resumes for actual jobs, first, but I'll keep it in mind.

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