Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Finished Al Franken's new book at Borders last night over a paper cup full of spiced apple cider -- both very good. Good god, do we need an entertaining antidote to the staggering number of right-wing scumbags with their own shows (TV, radio, or otherwise) -- Franken would be a welcome first. I think the problem is that liberals just haven't been all that funny. Wait for what passes for humor on NPR (which I don't really consider all that liberal, just more objective than anything else on the radio) -- Michael Feldman? Lame, self-conscious witticisms from the mincing guest novelists they trot out? Those goddamn CAR GUYS?!

And forget about an Al Gore Show -- I love that guy, but the only time he amuses me is when he's making fun of himself, and I don't think he can carry a whole show doing that. Who knows -- he was killing me on SNL! McCain was funnier, though, dammit. "The poodle is the black man of the dog world!" (Not his line, but his show.)

Until then, we always have the Daily Show. That'll have to do until James Carville gets his own gig...

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