Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Well, I did say tomorrow-ish...

Anyway, although it severely wounds me to say it, there's no way in the sight of God or whoever's watching that I'll be able to make opening night -- believe me, I threw together enough scenarios and schemes that I probably could've beaten Rommel in North Africa in half an hour, but the stars were out of alignment for this one. I hope to have them realigned along with my Geo this week. I'm really going to miss seeing/meeting everyone there, but I when I do come up, I hope to actually make a business trip out of the time as well, set up a couple of interviews, and maybe mock up something long-term. And see the play. Anyway, pick up a bottle of apple Pucker for me, put a poofy blond wig on it, and I'll be there in spirit (rimshot).

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