Thursday, January 08, 2004

The new year's been pretty dandy so far, although the Metro failed on the way home from a night job , stranding me in the parking lot of an auto parts store, which I believe was its way of telling me not to give up on it. The symptoms seem to indicate that something's going on in the fuel line, which isn't a very good sign, seeing as that in the fuel-injection era of Metros, the fuel pump and filter are both located inside the gas tank. Which could possibly mean that I can't mess with it myself. Dammit.

Janine and I spent Chirstmas and New Years with assorted friends here in town, had several good times, and drank a lot of Apple Pucker -- Christmas was the first time in a while I actually gathered around a piano and sang carols, most of which were requested by me from the Bing Crosby/Andrews Sisters songbook. I sang the part of Patty Andrews. Janine was somewhere between Maxine and LaVerne.

The wedding's taking somewhat definite shape, and is now planned for late June in Virginia. Janine wants to include some sort of plant in her wedding bouquet (a green amaranthus) that hangs down around her arms in these springy tendrils that swear-to-God looks like something summoned forth from the depths to occupy a flower bush. An excellent spooky-elegant flourish. Maybe I'll carve an elder sign in my top hat.

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