Sunday, January 11, 2004

Very sleepy, but I've been in an exceedingly good mood over the past several days. I've gotten back into lifting weights early in the morning at the local gym, which I think is helping out nicely. Just me and the very old guys who carry themselves like they used to be asskickers in their day, and others who are either super-dedicated or health-conscious insomniacs. I kind of got scared back into it, when I recently read that from age 20 to 50, the average guy loses a half-pound of muscle every year and gains a pound and half of fat. Which means I'm short 5 lbs of muscle, and I'm already just over the edge of overweight.

So anybody got any dire stats to scare me into becoming more financially responsible? "If you haven't saved $40,000 by the time you're 28, you'll die early early, broke, and infested with earwigs and weevils." Anything to curb the Starbucks demon inside!

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