Monday, February 02, 2004

The last couple of weeks have actually been pretty dull, hence the absence of amusing, witty, confusing, senseless, etc. posts -- dull in some ways, interesting in others. Janine picked up a paperback copy of Smart Couples Finish Rich, by cookie cutter financial self help savior John Bach, and while I'm sure any financial self help book would have done the trick nicely, Bach helped me get my mind around the concept of money management, saving for retirement, and what the hell is meant by variable annuity, large cap growth fund, money market, ad infernum. My skills in personal finance have been absolutely wretched since I was able to crumple up bills with my infant paws, but things have been clicking over the past couple of weeks. Again, nothing anyone would want to read about, and really nothing I want to actually spend my time doing (a sadly neglected copy of Sinclair Lewis's Main Street lies frozen in Chapter 2 on my nightstand), but something that really really badly needed doing, and I feel much more grown up now (even though I'm inclined to subscribe to Dan's philosophy that this is a step in entirely the wrong direction).

All this is hopefully enabling us to save up for the big wedding day, now semi-officially to be on August 28 at my Uncle Fred's place, about an hour from DC. More details when I update my wedding website, which as it stands now still has us getting married in May on a yacht off of Sarasota, FL. Dinner will likely be BBQ. Vegetarians best like sauce.

Next goal: get "Girl From Ipanema" out of my head.

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