Friday, February 27, 2004

Woohoo -- busy week so far, in that I finally got my foot in the door of the archaeology world once again! After paying my $10 to become a member of the Center for Desert Archaeology, a non-profit group, today I solicited and was offered a volunteer position with one of their researchers. Not where I want to be ultimately, but I've got my hands on the artifacts again, and all looks promising.

And I'm gathering signatures on my petition to become an elected Democratic Precinct Committee-member -- whatever the hell that means. What I understand it to mean is that I'll be an official hardcore violunteer Democrat shit-kicker in this here neighborhood, shaking hands, getting people to register and vote for the good guys, and generally be a politico-nerd until the general election and beyond. The thought isn't necessarily the most welcoming I can think up, but things being the way they are, it's really something I don't think I can avoid undertaking and still feel I'm doing enough for the cause. This week, I think I've already swayed one under-informed Bush supporter toward the light, and registered another prevaricating Democrat to vote. Seeing as Gore won Pima county in 2000, it's probably a foregone victory anyway, but Arizona sure as hell isn't, so maybe I can make a dent.

Janine's pestering me to use the computer, so I better end it here. Will I be able to tolerate this abuse for the next 50 years?

Ah, who am I kidding?

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