Saturday, May 01, 2004

Well, I'm leaving tomorrow for La-La Land, where I'll be digging right here, and I'll be staying right here four days a week. Unfortunately, I'll only be comp'ed the hotel room those four days, and then I have to find some other accomodations on my own. Motel 6? Dorm room? Campground? Park bench? I believe I'll decide when I get there.

Actually, I'm really excited that, among other things, I'll be able to catch a Sofia Sunseri show sometime over the summer, something I've been wanting to do for the past three or so years. Click the link and listen to a few of her tunes (gloriously free of charge!) -- you = instant fan! I just hope she's still performing; the next show listed on her website is March 1 (this year).

I still don't know anything about the dig I'll be participating in, but I am very proud of myself for the preparatory reading I've been doing on California archaeology, as well as the refresher reading about excavation techniques. I'll be the dopest, rockin'est field hand they've ever had! Or at least maybe they'll give me a good recommendation...

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