Saturday, May 22, 2004

I've Come to Wish You an Unhappy Birthday

It's my second weekend in LA, and I've found through the LA Weekly (surprisingly, much larger than the similarly formatted Tucson Weekly) that a throng of Morrissey fans is throwing him a birthday party, to which I'm sure he's enthusiastically invited but dare not go. There will be a tribute band and plenty of folks with horned-rimmed glasses and mile-high coifs and gladioli hanging out of their back pockets, and me, bewildered like a bushman in a Safeway, an uncloseted fan bouncing around like that bumblebee girl in the Blind Melon video. I just wonder if it really is all harmony and love for your fellow geek at one of these things, or if there are factions or cliques. Early Hatful of Hollow devotees who think Strangeways was a sell-out vs. Moz fans who are too young to have come in with the Smiths who think Vauxhall was his greatest achievement vs. the fey loose-shirt-wearing sort vs. the ridiculous pugilist wannabe greaser Boz apologists. My Moz-fu is greater than yours. Man, if that happens, I'm writing off the whole scene. If I want abuse, I could probably get it from the man himself!

Meanwhile, I'm going to try to get into the Getty Museum and actually absorb a little of what LA has to offer (for some reason a stroll along Rodeo Drive past the Gucci and Tiffany shops didn't leave me feeling fulfilled). And I'll be catching a Sofia Sunseri show on the 8th at the Temple Bar in Santa Monica! I've heard the recently reunited Pixies are also coming to town soon! We shall see if a man can be too entertained!

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