Monday, June 21, 2004

Just arrived back at the Residence Inn in Manhattan Beach (my non-comped home away from home away from home) from Rosarito, Baja, Mexico with about 14 of my closest aquaintances from the excavation. Besides the beaches, it's not a particluarly impressive area, although the food's alright. It appears to be a slightly upscale Tijuana, which is anything but a compliment, but fun was had. My first experience with a mechanical bull, no less -- disappointingly lacking in violent lunging motions, but it still had me on the mat in a few seconds. But I didn't want to just hit the floor, I wanted to leave an impression in it. Oh well.

Addendum: I see from Matt's blog that he's had some recent experiences with mechanical bulls himself. Happy birthday to everyone's favorite mile-high baritone -- hope it was a good one, and I hope the good ole American bulls gave you a better thrashing than my panzy Mexican ones did! And nothing in that sentence was meant..., well, hell, take it anyway you want.

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