Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Four new things:

1. My dear, dear mum's sent me a spare laptop. I'm using it now in a posh-as-an-archaeologist-can-expect hotel room, and it's working quite well.

2. The Mock-Morrissey show, incidentally, was fun in a strange way -- the guy pulled off the well-known Moz mannerisms expertly, although he himself looked more like John Hannah (the goofy brother from the recent Mummy movies) attempting to be all Morriss-ey. The strangeness entered when I realized that there was no rock star in the room, just a bunch of fans -- we, as base fans, cheering on another fan-as-quasi-rock-star/kareoke artist/specialty actor and his cover band. It got really weird when he started talking between songs in a disorienting American accent. That's all I'll say about anything Smiths for a while -- I'm starting to bore myself.

3. We may be moving soon to Pittsburgh. Janine might be reallocating herself in the Bayada Nurses network, and it appears to be a choice between P-burg (the Greater) and one of the Carolinas. Nothing, let alone the timetable, is set, but the chances look pretty good. I recently found out that Pittsburgh is one of my Dad's favorite towns, which is interesting 'cause I always assumed it was a hole. I've been there all of maybe twice, I think, and I can't remember if one was for Robert Palmer or the Cure.

4. The job continues to be very cool -- lots o' bones, lots o' rocks, lots o' bad-for-you lunches from the freelance catering van that comes daily, lovingly deemed the Roach Coach by us. My diet's changed somewhat since watching Morgan Spurlock's Supersize Me over the weekend. It's a wonderful flick -- I insist you see it immediately -- and I defy you to come out of the viewing and not recoil in horror at the first Golden Arches you pass by on the way home to throw away everything in your refrigerator.

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