Tuesday, November 16, 2004

My Heart's in the Basement, and My Weekend's at an All-Time Low

My personal kaleidoscope of perspective on humanity has shifted slightly in the past couple of days, and the moderately content greens and beiges have given way to the spiked slivers of red and baritone purples of real, well, pissed-offedness. People suck.

1. Number One's gotta be that all of the below takes place in the nucular afterglow of the election. That means that over 50 million people suck right off the bat.

2. For the past three days, I've been helping a friend of mine fight a backruptcy filed by a long-time friend of hers. This "friend" revealed herself very slowly to be an accomplished con artist who lightened my friend's pockets to the tune of $22 Gs, and plans to Chapter 7 that and about $120,000 from other "gullible" creditors right out of her life. The deadline to challenge this bankruptcy was today, and (as a real lawyer would've cost an extra $5000 up front) we whipped up official-looking (but not really -sounding) complaints and summonses and other arcane bullshit that we hope doesn't (by way of ineligant wording or something) get my friend into potential legal trouble of her own.
I knew and liked this woman myself, and the revelation that she was, indeed, an amoral scumbag was rough. Throw on top of that the legal system's apparent enthusiasm for letting people like that off essentially scot-free, and you've got me thinking humanity sucks, yet again.

3. Inevitable, but it doesn't get any harder to swallow that Margaret Hassan was executed. The only consolations were that she wasn't slowly beheaded (she was shot), and that Al-Jazeera somehow saw fit not to broadcast it to an apparently eager international snuff film audience. Another deep, deep hole for humanity.

4. Somebody hit my Metro in the parking lot of the bankruptcy court and took off, leaving a large dent with traces of white paint, and a hard-to-open passenger-side door.

5. The news is suddenly full of a bunch of crazy Pro-Lifers screaming about what a liberal Arlen Freaking Specter is. And if you got my petition recently, you're also aware that Pro-Life crazies appear to be getting key appointments in government. If you're the prayin' kind, what the hell do you say to God at moments like this? "Are these guys with you?" "Is it really 'that time' for Planet Earth?" "Can you at least just give me the initials of the fucker that hit my car?"

6. A Pro-Lifer was elected Minority Leader?! Have we basically conceded Roe v. Wade? To paraphrase Shania Twain: Man, I'm glad I'm not a woman.

I'm sure things will look slightly more rosey tomorrow -- I'm beginning a new archaeology project in the morning, somewhere within commuting distance. Thanksgiving will be here soon -- we'll be spending it here, but with friends.

And maybe I'll just have some pie.

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