Thursday, March 10, 2005

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(please note: this is a posed phot, taken by Ms. Kelli Newton, in good humor. Janine is not a barbarian maiden in real life).

In other news, we're off to Phoenix, folks -- in a month or so, Janine and I will be official Phoenicians, or whatever they call themselves. I received a plum job offer from Archaeological Consulting Services, Inc. (with... I can barely form the words... benefits!), with a tacit agreement to involve me in any historical projects they come across. Janine's already been offered a position at the Bayada Nurses branch in Tempe (just south of Phoenix), just a few blocks from ACS headquarters, and she's got any number of mindbending schemes in the works. All we need now is a place to live...

And no, I haven't waivered from my Eastward ambitions -- I'll still be moving back there in good time. A year or two with assistant crew chief (or more; you never know) and historical research and excavation credits on my resume will probably give me a better chance of landing a better position back there than, say, what that Joe guy was offering.

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