Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Story is Old, I Know

It's four something on a Tuesday morning -- I drove down from our new apartment in Phoenix last night to stay with Janine in our old apartment here in Tucson. The transition is happeneing, though. I've got a host of other very cool things to impart, but now I have to drive back, go to work, and maybe look around Phoenix tonight. My new playground...

And how cool is it that I can now call myself a Phoenician? It's like I should be wearing a purple cloak in Tyre or something.

Unless I find an internet cafe, this will be my last post for a couple of days, as all I have populating my apartment besides myself is a futon (no frame yet), a lamp, a suitcase, and a box o' books (mostly non-fiction). So, I'll probably try to find that internet cafe.

One last thing -- had a superb visit with Dan & Stacy (and finally saw their new lair), and finally met Miss Mita, all over a heap of Janine's dreamy manicotti. It was almost "good shit" overload.

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