Tuesday, May 17, 2005

...But It Goes On

I'm back in Tucson for the evening -- it's a two-hour drive from my office in Tempe to my Tucson base, in which everything appears to be heading for the door (we've been using the living room as a central packing area). Meanwhile, I've been spending a lot of the past couple of weeks in a mostly empty apartment in the nicely landscaped and fun-to-say suburb of Phoenix, Ahwatukee, reading and listening to the local bastion of Air America. I stopped by the construction ste of our new house last night, still a little freaked out by the concept of "our house," and still a little miffed that the construction workers persist in throwing empty water bottles and construction debris all over my lawn. And yes, I am being unreasonable.

Anyway, it's a nice night -- placid traffic noise from the window commingles with the newly-appreciated Vauxhall and I selection. Just a highball of Petron away from a perfect evening.

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