Thursday, June 23, 2005

From the Bottom of a Mine Shaft

Sorry for the radio silence (not to be read as an apology for Boris Grebenshikov, who's pretty good) -- time seems to be evaporating right out from under me, and hitching posts to the vapors has been a tricky exercise. It's freakin' bedtime AGAIN, but I'll make it a point to roll out something more substantial after I drag my fried carcass home from work tomorrow (survey+116 degree heat+mountains = archaeology of the ninth circle. We just completed a dig in the Forest of the Suicides). And we have found several small mines in our survey area, so technically we are a little closer to hell here.

An unjustly quick shout out to my cousine Maureen, who just graduated from high school in Virginia, and will be hopping off to college in North Carolina in August. She was involved in a horrific car accident just before Christmas last year, and suffered some very serious injuries, but from all reports appears to be recovering well. The Bishops, the same that hosted my wedding last August, are some of the best people I know, and it's one of those head-hanging iniquities of life that they're having to endure what they've had to over the past half-year. If you're the praying sort, do put in a good word for them.

And I've subscribed to RealRhapsody, an internet music jukebox/warehouse that lets you listen to pretty much anything for $10 a month. Among other worthwhile causes I've come across (one being Anne Dudley's orchestral remake of the Art of Noise's "Moments in Love") was the Innocense Mission, an incredibly good band that I've somehow missed since 19freakin'87! Their latest was basically a lullaby album, with Karen Peris's voice skimming over the likes of "Moon River" and "What a Wonderful World." I do need more of that.

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