Thursday, November 02, 2006


I'm feeling wordy once again, and perhaps I may even populate this personal forum with verbiage more regularly now. For some reason, I've gained quite a bit of unearned confidence suddenly over the past month or so. Perhaps it's the increased responsibility at work, perhaps it's just a pleasant side-effect of flipping the chronometer from 32 to 33 a while back (at an Orioles game, no less -- I can't think of anything less inspiring).

Either way, I'm back on the annual NaNoWriMo bandwagon again, which in the past has been a source of equal parts determination and dauntedness. And as I haven't won yet, haven't even come anywhere close, the daunt has been a powerful force. Somehow, this year, this past month, it's seemed markedly less so. The words don't necessarily come any more freely than they have in the past couple of years, and certainly not as freely as they did back when I was writing about zombies chasing candy-obsessed children in high school, the internal critic we all hate seems to not give as much of a fuck as he did in the past. And that's what I've been waiting for.

So I've started, and while the beginning isn't particularly good, and I've got no idea what the middle or end is going to be about, I think I've come to that happy place where I really don't care if it's publishable as it unspools itself across the rows of my word processor. It's just sentences following sentences, coming straight outta that spot in the back of my skull. Definitely, definitely couldn't hope for anything better than that at this point.

Meanwhile, Janine and I may have been selected to be featured on Good Morning America, on a segment about home renovation. We've been contacted through our realtor, we've sent in photos of our house and ourselves, and we've been alerted to the impending phone call and possible interview by the producers. I don't know if there's anything in it for us besides being able to say we were on national TV. Maybe they'll give us a vacation to scenic Washington DC or Annapolis.

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