Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Alright, folks, tomorrow's the day I actually turn in my thesis. I actually tried turning it in yesterday to the... well, the thesis office, whatever the hell their official title is. They made me fill out some forms, and obviously jump through a few hoops, evidenced by the fact that I still have the goddamn thing -- one line on the title page had to be struck, and the margins in Appendix C were off. The nice woman at the office who gives a shit about these things had a freakin' ruler, the kind I hadn't seen since grade school when they were standard issue along with glue, pencils, and glitter. So I fixed all that today, and I give the 100-page behemoth away tomorrow afternoon. Then I call my committee director and take him up on an offer for a pint of IPA at Gentle Ben's -- I'll miss that crazy South Carolina accent, and his take on the Battle of Little Bighorn as the glorious last days of the "ho-ase wo-ias" (i.e., horse warriors).

Meanwhile, I attended a meeting of the only writer's group in town that I've been able to find -- they've advertised for a while in the local papers, and I think I may have been the only new face in the very small group (four others) in quite some time. Nice folks, but being as it is way the hell across town, I might have to start a group of my own, maybe even with people this side of fifty.

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