Monday, May 19, 2003

Back on track with the food ambition, if not the actual cooking talent. Attempted a recipe from Bon Appetit tonight that was supposed to produce gnocchi and instead gave me little clumps of potato that tasted like cheap pancake batter. You're supposed to smother the whole mess with a couple of pounds of gorgonzola cheese melted into lots of heavy cream, which I'm not going to do out of concern for the quality of life of my later years, but I aim to try it out with a good marinara and see what happens. Maybe I reproduced the recipe perfectly and it's supposed to taste like it does, but what difference does it make what it tastes like under all that creamy cheese? That's my perspective at the moment. But now, if you go to Chez Andre's anytime soon, don't get the gnocchi. It's not so good tonight. Try the cereal -- it's delish.

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