Friday, June 27, 2003

All right, folks -- sat down earlier today and drafted a bevy of resolutions that I intend to see through to completion. Among these are losing 10 pounds, writing a lot more, moving, seeing Sunseri in concert, and, of course, seeing the Layman-Kennedy Tempest, all by the end of the year. Call it mid-year crisis, if you will, but I've been feeling lately that a change is coming soon, and readiness is all. I'll let you know how that goes.

"I've turned over enough leaves to fill an autumn..." -- Beautiful South

Meanwhile, Texas is now officially gay-friendly! (cue stifled, derisive laughter) This is probably a very temporary thing, of course -- Ari Fleischer went way out of his way today to emphasize that the President had no public comment on this issue, and I'm sure this will come up again in the Supreme Court after it's been stacked with archconservatives of the same flavor as Scalia in Bush's second term. The rough beast slouching toward Bethlehem is the Religious Right.

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