Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Kudos for Dan -- back in the directorial saddle again! It'll be like Clint in Unforgiven, where the grizzled gunslinger picks up his old guns once again to do what he does best. Kill cowboys! Go kill some of them cowboys, Dan!

And this link's for Caren, just so you know what to look for. Study these well. You must not fail! I've wired the funds to the appropriate accounts. Let me know what else will make this worth your while.

Boy, if my mom happens to log on today, how the hell do I explain that one?

Otherwise, not a whole hell of a lot going on -- smoked a cigar, looked into jobs, walked the dog, got depressed by a kid I met. Get this, for the "you think you got it bad" sermon of the month: I met a 15-year-old kid with muscular dystrophy (which basically means completely disabled by maybe 17 or 18, dead soon thereafter), his father is a 71-year-old Korean War vet with emphysema and heart disease who basically can't do anything and probably has another 6 months to live, his mother is a 40-some-odd-year-old vegetable, having burnt out on drugs. After the dad dies, he'll be a totally disabled teenager in foster care until he, himself, dies. Soon. Sad yet? Nice kid, though. Oh yeah, and his friends steal from him. Neil LaBute meets Dickens.

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