Sunday, June 29, 2003

Went to see Calvin Johnson Friday night at a little hole-in-the-wall club that I'd never heard of. We saved quite a bit of money on beer, mostly because they didn't serve any. I think it was somebody's house, actually. Calvin Johnson is, of course, one half of the singing duties in the Halo Benders (see previous posts), the frontman for Dub Narcotic Sound System and formerly of the Beat Happening. Great show, especially because of the warm-up act, Sugarbush, which consisted of a pair of very tall young twins, who dressed in their best homeless chic and had haircuts that suggested 19th century Chinese in the front (ie, bald) and "hair cut with sharp rock" in back. Very interesting. Their music was alright, too -- kind of like early Oingo Boingo ala Danny Elfman's insane kid sister. Anyway, Calvin was great -- opened with "Banana Meltdown" and closed with a sarcastic/wistful beat poem.

And I got his autograph. Now gotta work on Fiona. At least I have Calista Flockhart's to console me until then.

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