Wednesday, July 02, 2003

My resolutions are coming along nicely (see 2 posts ago for details) -- I've lost 2 pounds on an experimentally excessive naturalistic diet based on the Harvard Med revised food pyramid. What's great about the Harvard guys is that they don't appear to be writing pop-jargon-laced 85-step, spoon-fed for the lowest common denominator, health fad best seller bullshit. Lots of whole grains. And beer is made from grain, so I'm set. Janine was looking into the Atkins guy's diet a while back, and that guy's made me fearful of any diet book writer that stands to gain anything from their work besides plaudits from nutritionists. Breakfast: coffee, pork chop, cigarette. Lunch: 72 oz steak, fries, chocolate malt, no vegetables. Dinner: 2 rocks crack, 8 hot dogs, live gerbil.

And I'm still working on seeing Sunseri -- apparently Sofia cancelled her latest show due to a bout of vertigo. Too bad -- sounds like it'd be a fun show. It'd be like Janice Joplin's last show, over and over again. "Some say looove -- thud -- it iiiiis a riiiver -- thud" And as for Dan's show, I've taken steps to ensure my presence. I signed up for Travelocity's e-mail service, where you enter up to five destinations, and they e-mail you when tickets there drop below a certain price. I'll be there with money left over for toast and squirt guns. Wait, what show are you doing again, Dan?

Must sleep. Morpheus beckons. The Greek one, not Larry Fishburne.

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