Saturday, March 15, 2003

The weekend's here, and nowadays that can only mean one thing: trying to get the work done that I didn't quite over the course of the week while touring the town looking for cool, cheap ways to get married with a modicum of style. So far we've checked out Feast, a hole-in-the-wall gourmet lunch counter with a menu that will make you forget to ask for a reuben. And they cater, and they're actually pretty reasonable, price-wise. So, if we do have the wedding in Tucson, I may actually be able to set a table that will make eyes pop out, with elitist delicacies the ingredients of which I am neither familiar with nor can pronounce.

Of course, this is probably all just a reaction against a high school friend's mother's wedding. With a different kind of eye-popping spread. Ham spread. And Wonder bread. I don't know how to spell that sound that Homer makes when he shivers in revulsion, but I'm making that now...

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