Monday, March 24, 2003

Wow, hey, the vicodin's kicking in. Just had my wisdom teeth -- all of 'em -- torn free from my mouth a couple of hours ago, and I'm feelin' noooo pain. Yet. I was told by the jocular oral surgeon (who was humming "It's Now or Never" while prying my teeth out of my gums) that when the anesthetic wears off in another couple of hours or so, I'll be feeling all the pain I should have been feeling during the operation. Which is why, I guess, he started me off with 2 vicodin, and more as needed. Which may turn into a kind of Ben Affleck-in-Daredevil kind of thing when I'm chewing them like Tic-Tacs while spitting blood in the shower. Still, not too bad an experience overall -- aside from the sounds and vague sensations (reminiscent of the sounds of de-boning a chicken), it was alright. And it was kind of fun hearing the attendant/nurse/whatever-she-was go into hysterics when I tried to talk. Wonder if she laughed at Kirk Douglas last night on the Oscars. Janine thinks I sound like Christopher Walken after a stroke.

Meanwhile, since I can't do much else than sit here in a drug-induced bemusement, I've been goofing around with my new website, which contains, among other things, a copy of my thesis. Good resource for those looking for information on Chinese archaeological sites in Arizona. Not good for those interested in anything else. Such is academe.

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