Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Good things have been happening since I started this thing -- just scheduled my thesis defense date: a week from today (the 15th, 1 pm). Handed out copies of my thesis to my committee members (not entirely polished, but they didn't seem to mind), got back 2 edited drafts, and I'm in the process of incoporating the suggested amendments. Not many! Of course, I was expecting not assorted changes in language and detail. I expected booes. I expected Simon-esque "that was dreadful" naked disapproval. Not that I thought my paper was crap. I just thought, well, they'd think it was crap. The pessimist's x-factor. Seems to be working out fairly well, though -- all I have to do is wow them with my presentation and question-answering. Wonder where I can get some neon.

And now it seems like everyone I tell about this actually wants to attend my defense. What the fuck? I don't want anyone there. I don't want my committee members there. I want to stand in front of an official mirror and give a presentation to a darkened room and evaluate my damn self. Don't come!

And is someone reading this from Ohio Valley College? If you are, let me know -- abbockho@hotmail.com.

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