Sunday, April 13, 2003

Two days left until the defense -- I spent most of today at work, not working, but reading over all-too-familiar texts that went into my big-ass paper, making corrections suggested by another one of my committee members (also the head of the anthro department), and trying very hard not to get distracted and download the new Matrix trailer and a clip from the new X-Men movie. And, of course, I downloaded both. But I still got quite a bit of work done. Damn, they both look fiiiine -- if this stuff had have come out when I was a kid, I'd probably be completely freakin' unsufferable to most of society nowadays. We're breeding a whole new generation of uber-geeks, God bless 'em.

And in reaction to Stacy's posting a new blog link every hour and a half, here's one from me: Heather Reddig. Dan met her long ago and chatted about Othello or Lear or some such. Pretty soon, we're not going to need -- we're going to be able to follow links to everyone we've ever known and read about their up-to-the-minute doings and thoughts on existence. Wanna know what Vicki Stump's up to? She just ate a burger. It was good.

And I must say that Dan's put a bug in my head -- I've been thinking a lot about writing fiction, having taken a boatload of time to write my first non-fiction work (my thesis). I'm still in the idea stage, but I've been mulling the process over in my head. And giving into the nagging possibility that others might know more about it than I, I sent off for a trial subscription to Writer's Digest, and I'll be attending a local writer's group as soon as my defense is finished with. If hacks like John Saul can get published, I sure as hell better be able to!

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