Friday, September 19, 2003

Not to sound repetitive, but this week has been one for the Week of Shit recordbooks, so much so that I plan to mark it down in my Clie for next year that I should avoid it altogether. It all started (cue wavey lines) on Monday, appropriately enough, when Janine was informed that she'd been selected for jury duty for the rest of the week. This wouldn't have been bad at all, seeing as she plans to apply for law school, and sitting on a jury is certainly more germane to her ambitions than answering phones and doing whatever she does at her job. But we soon found that jury duty pays about $12 per day in Arizona, and the company she works for isn't obliged to assist her while she's performing her civic duty. Or to even allow her use sick days to make up for lost hours. Basically, they told her she can go piss up a rope.

Actually, that's not fair. They did allow her to come in early in the morning and at night after the jury's dismissed to try to cram in as much of an 8-hour day as she can stay awake for. So actually, I guess they're real swell.

Meanwhile, her ex-boss and friend quit suddenly, and while Janine's saddened by the loss of a friend to work with, I'm saddened by the unfortunate passing of her carpool. The Metro blew an alternator, and until we get around to replacing that, she has the Jetta and I'm riding a bike from appointment to appointment. And, oh yeah, I lost my keys over last weekend, so my bike is stapled to our front porch with one of those U-locks. I'm actually riding an ersatz bike I borrowed from friends -- one where you have to take a wrench to the front wheel to get it off (the only way it fits into the car when I meet Janine at the end of the day, so I don't have to make the 8-mile journey home through poorly-lit streets and positively shitty Tucson drivers). *Sharp inhale*

So basically, I've concluded that there is actually a God, and he's sending me signs mistakeable only by the thickest pieces of cheese that I should get the hell out of Arizona. Or perhaps that I should go to med school and get a job that earns more damn money. God wouldn't say that, would He?

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