Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Today was pretty nifty -- nifty for a 12-hour work day, anyway. Spent the last 5 hours or so running errands for a woman with multiple sclerosis, who reminded me of my mom in more ways than just that. Actually sort of a crabby, stressed-out version of my mom, with a deep love for blues -- played a slide guitar before her hands crapped out. See? Sad, sad job when you're hanging out with people so disabled that they can't even play the blues anymore. Something's just too damn freakin' existentially cruel about that. She was pretty cool though, which is great, because five hours with a jerk starting at 3:30 is much too much.

Anyway, I'll actually have a few hours tomorrow to throw together a few more job applications -- 2 for positions here in Arizona, and probably a few back East. I've given myself only a few more weeks to find something from here -- after that, I'm broadening my horizons as far as getting the hell out of Tucson. If I have to have a shit job, I can do that anywhere...

Meanwhile, I got a heads up from Josh about the recent doings of fave of my youth, Adam Ant -- he's re-recorded Andy's #1 favorite hit of ca. 1983, "Stand and Deliver" (mistaken by me to be "Stand in the Liver" until my fourth or fifth hearing) as "Save the Gorilla" for the Dian Fossey people. That, and he'll be dressing up in a gorilla suit and running a 7K on the 21st. Hear a snippet of his gorilla song (with Morrissey guitarist Boz Boorer on axe) and donate a few pounds to the cause here. And at very least, don't kill any gorillas. Yeah, I'm talkin' to you!

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