Wednesday, December 08, 2004


About that last posting -- that was actually supposed to contain some musings about working with local legend-in-the-archaeology-circuit Lyle Stone on an early 20th century dam south of here. Pretty cool, but maybe later.

As the holidays approach, I'm reminded once again that I'm only a few billion miles away from most of the people I want to be with, and that a.) airfare is expensive, b.) archaeologists don't make all that much, and c.) under most circumstances, I can't plan my way out of pair of styrofoam handcuffs. Ergo, I should live within driving distance.

So begins Project Carpetbomb -- as I feel I have enough field experience to make a run at actual permanent jobs in archaeology, I'll be commencing an assault on the contract firms of the Eastern U.S., and by "assault", I mean sending them resumes, networking, schmoozing, cold-calling, and other aspects of this horrible job-hunting experience.

And I intend to keep track of my resume-sending progress in this space. As many as possible per day, but at least one daily.

What I want from you people is to keep on my ass. Job hunting is one of the most noxious, degrading, soul-clenching experiences I can think of -- I've described it in the past as being like begging someone you don't like for a date. If I get a chance to procrastinate, I just might take it, and I can't let that happen. If I slack off, make sure I hear about it -- you folks are an articulate lot. You can make me feel bad, real bad. I'd deserve it. I'm a baaaad boy.

Today's Day One, and as Heather from Dub Narcotic Sound System says, "It's not good, but it's not bad either." I sent in a resume to ACS, a firm in Phoenix that's beginning a project here in Tucson next month. Yes, I know, but I doubt I'll get a job back East before New Years, and I must stay in the game, even if it is here. Tomorrow the real bombing begins.

And thanks in advance for the very welcome abuse.

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