Sunday, December 19, 2004

An interesting week, which comes up to the minute as I have a 5-gallon pot of boiling IPA wort on the stove as I write. I started a little late in the day (maybe 2 o'clock), and spent a hell of a lot of time sanitizing and getting everything together. It's just starting to dawn on me that I might have to stay up significantly longer than I would've liked waiting for my beer to cool down enough to drop in the yeast. Right now, though, my apartment smells absolutely divine.

And for probably the first time ever, I'm having to choose between two jobs: my current position and one offered next month. Not an entirely easy choice --

Current job: probably the most entertaining and jocular crew I've worked with, with maybe the exception of the Playa Vista (Los Angeles) All-Stars, a selection of the most enjoyable of the Embassy Suite group. I've worked with Tierra for the past two weeks, dug the hell out of it (yes, pun), and just learned that this current project will probably extend through the end of next month. After that, I've been promised continuing lab work until the beginning of the following project, which will last forever or so.

Other job: Starts on the 10th of January south of town. I don't know anybody connected with the project, except that the woman who hired me over my e-mail is engaged to a guy I worked with a few weeks ago. I believe the work is still prehistoric, and the drive's about as far. And it pays about 30% more. And so I took it.

Meanwhile, somebody apparently broke into Janine's Jetta and made a very big mess of all the papers and worthless crap that was in there. Janine's pretty freaked out about it, but I can't help but think it's funny. Primarily because they didn't find anything to steal (that we've noticed, which is roughly equivalent), and because they didn't cause any damage (because, well, I think I forgot to lock it). They just risked at least a few months in jail squirming around, frantically digging through archaeology books and miscellaneous papers and Maxell tapes and a big purple blanket and some LSAT apocrypha, looking for at least a juicy cd wallet or some electronics to rip off. Silly felon. We value only accoutrements of the mind! Try fencing the Penguin dictionary of archaeological terms, you fucking dick.

I am still sending out resumes, so don't let up! I do consider correspondence with the company for which I'll be working next month as a sort of resume, so I'm really pretty much on task...

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